Toki returned home to Oahu in 2001, after attending school in San Francisco and experiencing the dot-com-fueled hip hop/electronic music renaissance there. With the seeds of her broad-branching music collection already sprouted, and her mixing teeth cut at local weeklies such as Telepathic and the Treehaus, she joined S.I.S. and brought drum & bass, breakbeats and exotic Asian dub sounds to the tables for their wildly successful 'Isis' monthly event. DSC03320.JPG As 'Isis' grew to break attendance records and music boundaries alike at its host venue, Toki also began guesting regularly on local college radio drum & bass show the Nsomniak Lounge. Junglists tuning in Tuesday nights were turned on to soulful, dub-influenced, rolling styles that were just beginning to hit Hawaii. By March of '03, Toki's "Isis 1 Year Anniversary" promo mix was listed in KTUH's Top Ten New Music chart. By Oct. of '03, 'Isis' would be retired after an amazing year and a half run, S.I.S.' new monthly Escape was in full swing across town at Indigo, and Toki's "9.27.03" 'Isis' farewell breaks mix was also garnering serious airplay on KTUH. Toki's styles have been tapped for many Oahu events, and she has opened up the floor for more than a few luminaries visiting local turntables. To keep it brief: Kemal of Cryptic Audio and DJ Quartz of Breakbeat Science, both at Isis; Doomer (aka Sarah Walker) out of Direct Drive NYC; and San Francisco legend Bassnectar at Indigo. Toki followed up Marloca's ghetto-fabulous, graf-inspired 'Tag' at thirtyninehotel with a drum, bass & projectors ode to Hitchcock entitled 'Vertigo' featuring year-defining sets by Diode, Ted Oliveira and DJ Metal X of KTUH fame. The breakbeat-flavored Sister In Sound has kept busy in the lab in 2005. You can find her every 2nd Friday of the month at Kai Restaurant downtown, for “Sweet” the current S.I.S. monthly. “Sweet” recently hosted J-Phlip, the winner of Rockstar’s “Beauty & The Beats” contest, whose judges included Reid Speed, DJ Rap and DJ Colette, on the eve of her U.S. tour. You can also catch Toki in weekly residence at Electr0-1yfe Saturday nights at Indigo. Since opening up Electr0-1yfe, Toki has hosted San Francisco’s Cheb I Sabbah and A:Dubl, and made the night her primary outlet for upfront breakbeat, electro and rock-influenced sounds.